General characteristics

Water sign ruled by Mars. Scorpios' personality is extremely complex and contradictory. They are serious, authoritative, jealous, possessive and they like going into deep. Thanks to their intuitive sense, they are able to find out other people's weaknesses. Sometimes Scorpios can be cold, introverted, polemic and lunatic, but beyond that surface there are many good qualities, strength and they are always ready to help other people. They are seldom afraid of something and are determined to reach their goals. Among their most suitable careers thee are: chemist, psychologist, businessman, researcher. They are very passionate people, but in a love relationship they are rather contradictory and complicated. When they fall in love they give themselves body and soul, even though their natural restlessness never abandons them.

Lucky number 8

Number Eight symbolises infinity. It is linked to spiritual dimension but also has a strong concrete character. It precedes Nine where birth is symbolised, so Eight indicates the end of something. Number Eight has a double value: positive if linked to infinity and opens up to spirituality, negative when an evil action is repeated endlessly like a vicious circle. Number Eight has a strong astrological link to Uranus, a planet which can stimulate originality.

You tend to be competitive but are never disloyal. You often have ingenious ideas and brilliant finds which always help you in your intent. You always understand when it is the right time to act and this is a really rare gift.




Black is actually a non-colour. Black symbolises emptiness, darkness and in general negativity. If the colour black represents you, you sometimes tend to deny the evidence or renounce tasks which you feel are difficult, throwing in the towel. There is a strong sense of rebellion inside you which, only when you so desire, encourages you to fight with all your strength to affirm your interests. You often follow your instinct but when this doesn't happen, you risk using too much of your reflective side. Black has a strong astrological link with Saturn.



Ochre was used from prehistoric times for rituals or daily activities. The colour ochre therefore is an ancient colour with tonalities which vary from yellow to dark red which symbolises the link with the earth from which it had its origin. If the colour which represents you is ochre, your relationship with tradition and values is very positive and you try at all costs to defend it.



Violet is the colour which best links to the world of the arts, the imagination and dreams. It can transport you to another dimension because violet comes close to the world of magic, the occult and the Arcanes. If the colour which represents you is violet, you sometimes are a little difficult and are always hungry for freedom and independence. Despite this, you do not disdain company and know how to be appreciated, always creating a pleasant atmosphere thanks to your communication skills. The colour violet has a strong astrological link with Jupiter.

Seducing the Scorpio

Scorpio women are proud, clever, intuitive, polemic and passionate. Their ideal man should know how to give her passion and strong emotions. Staying with her is quite difficult, but if you let her lead the game and you court her with flowers and presents she will reward you with her energy and her ardour.
Tip: Don't give her reason to be jealous!

Scorpio men are violent, moody, but passionate and exciting as well. Their ideal woman is determined and hard to seduce. Generally, Scorpios prefer hiding their own emotions and hate mawkishnesses.
Tip: be precious with him!!!

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