General characteristics

Fire sign ruled by the Sun, symbol of strength and pride. Leonians are independent, free, authoritative, active, passionate and very generous. Sometimes they trust too much in themselves, they need a little bit of humilty and caution! They are optimist and one of their forceful traits is their being able to react to defeats. Because of their determination, usually they are good workers and they are able to range easily between different kinds of jobs: the only important thing is to excel! Suited jobs are: actor, diplomat, free-lance, entrepreneur. They love living in luxury, riches, the pleasures of life and hate mediocrity. They are passionate and they can do everything for the person they love.

Lucky number 1

Number One symbolises uniqueness, originality and perfection. It is the first number used universally to count and the other numbers follow. There is a very long history to Number One as it has been venerated and studied since ancient times by Greek philosophers like Pythagoras and Zeno. Pythagoras for example used to say that One generates Two, underlining its generating importance. Number One has a strong astrological link with the Sun which in Astrology indicates generosity, magnanimity, affection and creativity. In esotericism, One is the number of intelligence and skill.

You are a brilliant and intelligent person. You have many talents in most fields, both as regards work and artistically. Sometimes you hide a little selfishness and tend to just look after your own interests. You have a strong desire for independence and autonomy.




The colour red, the symbol of passion, vitality and action, sweeps you away with its energy and power. Red represents light, power, joy and ambition. It transmits positivity, determination and warmth. If the colour red represents you, you are usually an optimistic, competitive, extroverted and courageous person. Red manages to give a sense of security, strength and self confidence. Traditionally, the colour red is that of the heart and thus of Love but it has always been linked to Mars, the God of War, as it is also connected to a combative nature.



Yellow is the brightest colour of all: it gives joy and lightness but can also transmit agitation or tension. Yellow is the colour of the Sun so if yellow represents you, you are a sunny and optimistic person, with a very open and helpful character. You are enthusiastic of life and always try not to settle into comfortable or static situations as you like change and new activities. You have great ambition, and if you really want something, nobody can stop you! Yellow has a strong astrological link with the Sun.



Orange symbolises mental openness, dynamism and optimism. If orange represents you, you tend to be a sincere person who is never hypocritical or who takes advantage of others. You never give up, not even when faced with huge difficulties: courage is your main skill. You reason brilliantly, but also in a simple, linear and especially coherent manner. So many people want to be in contact with you as you can emanate positivity and a good mood. Orange has a strong astrological link with Mars.

Seducing the Leo

Leonian women are fascinating, aristocratic, generous and very demanding. They prefer ambitious and resolute men. They are strong, faithful and, when they fall in love, they do everything to help their partners. They like compliments and beautiful presents and need to be the centre of everybody's attention.
Tip: bring her to the most in restaurant in town!

Leonian men are ambitious and self-centred, but not egoist. In fact, they like to share their riches with their partners. To seduce a Leonian, let him understand that you know his value and his qualities. His ideal partner should be smart and love riches just like he does. Leonians are demanding and passionate lovers.
Tip: Talk about him!!!

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