General characteristics

Fire sign ruled by Mars and Pluto. Arians possess great force and energy, and they are always ready to take the initiative. They are instinctive and dynamic, sometimes they make big mistakes because of their impulsiveness. It is the first sign of the Zodiac, symbol of springtime, of impulse, energy independence and courage. Often Arians are accused of being self-centred, but it is not so. They can be romantic, they need love and reassurances. They tend to be leaders both in private life and in their working life. Among their possible careers there are: designer, agent, writer, lawyer, politician, actor and all those jobs which give the possibility to lead or live in an off-beat way. This is the most vital sign of the Zodiac and Arians often give vent to their energy in sports. Sometimes they express themselves in a rude and violent way, they live love passionately, but they are not a good example of faithfulness. Arians love speed and shivery actions. The concept of 'order' is not familiar to them. Their fascination is due to their being unforeseeable: this characteristic sometimes leads to a behaviour which is aggressive and weak at the same time. This makes them charming.

Lucky number 8

Number Eight symbolises infinity. It is linked to spiritual dimension but also has a strong concrete character. It precedes Nine where birth is symbolised, so Eight indicates the end of something. Number Eight has a double value: positive if linked to infinity and opens up to spirituality, negative when an evil action is repeated endlessly like a vicious circle. Number Eight has a strong astrological link to Uranus, a planet which can stimulate originality.

You tend to be competitive but are never disloyal. You often have ingenious ideas and brilliant finds which always help you in your intent. You always understand when it is the right time to act and this is a really rare gift.




The colour red, the symbol of passion, vitality and action, sweeps you away with its energy and power. Red represents light, power, joy and ambition. It transmits positivity, determination and warmth. If the colour red represents you, you are usually an optimistic, competitive, extroverted and courageous person. Red manages to give a sense of security, strength and self confidence. Traditionally, the colour red is that of the heart and thus of Love but it has always been linked to Mars, the God of War, as it is also connected to a combative nature.



Orange symbolises mental openness, dynamism and optimism. If orange represents you, you tend to be a sincere person who is never hypocritical or who takes advantage of others. You never give up, not even when faced with huge difficulties: courage is your main skill. You reason brilliantly, but also in a simple, linear and especially coherent manner. So many people want to be in contact with you as you can emanate positivity and a good mood. Orange has a strong astrological link with Mars.

Seducing the Aries

If you are sporty, strong and your ideas are firm, you're the right man! Arian women are strong and determined, but they love being protected and fondled. Give her lots of presents and she will be faithful.
Tip: at your first dinner let her choose the restaurant.

The most important thing to consider is that you never have to take the first step: let him win your love!!! If you are clever, different and exciting, you're the right woman!! Important: be sincere and lovely and he will never part from you.
Tip: at your first dinner together, eat meat dishes.

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