General characteristics

Earth sign ruled by Saturn. Capricornians are ambitious, resolute, cold minded, melancholic. Fatigue never makes them afraid, they work hard and are ready to sacrifice themselves, if necessary. They plan patiently and carefully all their objectives and the way to reach them. To achieve their results they are ready to do anything, without asking any help. They are reserved and introverted, but sometimes they live sudden moments of impulsiveness. Their main characteristics are shyness and insecurity which disappear when they realize of being loved and appreciated. Suited jobs are: politician, entrepreneur, insurer, estate agent, banking employee. In love, Capricornians are serious, constant and faithful, but not too effusive.

Lucky number 4

Number Four symbolises materials. There are four elements of the Earth : Fire, Water, Earth and Air. In the study of symbols, Four is the number of reality, concreteness, solids, laws of physics, logic and reason. Number Four is associated to the Earth, just as the Earth is connected to the four cardinal points : North, East, South, West. Four is also connected to the notion of time as the year is divided into four seasons and the months have approximately four weeks. Number Four has a strong astrological link with Mars, a planet which can stimulate one's mind.

You are an erupting volcano and able to drag anyone along in projects which seem impossible. You are also an extremely realist and precise person: you don't really like having your head in the clouds.




Yellow is the brightest colour of all: it gives joy and lightness but can also transmit agitation or tension. Yellow is the colour of the Sun so if yellow represents you, you are a sunny and optimistic person, with a very open and helpful character. You are enthusiastic of life and always try not to settle into comfortable or static situations as you like change and new activities. You have great ambition, and if you really want something, nobody can stop you! Yellow has a strong astrological link with the Sun.



Brown is the colour of the earth: it symbolises links with one's origins, tenacity and patience. If the colour which most represents you is brown, you are substantially a person in whom one can trust, calm and reflective with healthy principles. Your main quality is your strength of spirit and the conviction that values and tradition have a fundamental role in your life. Brown has a strong astrological link with Saturn, especially in darker tonalities.



Blue is the colour which most transmits tranquillity, calm and imperturbability. If the colour which represents you is blue, you are able to transmit a sense of peace even to those in your midst. Everyone appreciates you for your honesty, transparency, communication skills and creativity.

Seducing the Capricorn

Capricornian women are wise, strong, reliable, shy, prudent and little effusive. Conquering their trust and making them fall in love is not an easy job. They are demanding, cultured and love those who can make them smile. To discotheques they prefer something unforeseeable and new.
Tip: Give her a ticket to see a match of her favourite team.

Capricornians are ambitious, refined and prudent. Seducing them it's not so easy, but once you have broken their armour, they will be reliable partners for all your life.
Tip: Call him often at his mobile phone.

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