General characteristics

Fire sign ruled by Jupiter. Sagittarians are trustful, cheerful, sincere, faithful, exuberant. They believe in a positive future and in changes, they love travelling, taking walks in the open air and animals. They are seldom dejected by difficulties, they are deeply religious and extremely curious persons. Sagittarians prefer sincere, faithful friends and lovers, who leave them the freeedom they need so much. They can be also very good friends. Sagittarian women love taking care of their house, their garden and their family. Suited jobs are: judge, scientist, astronaut, tourist guide, travel agent.

Lucky number 3

Number Three symbolises conciliation unlike number Two which separates it. It is one of the main symbols of esotericism and is the first odd number as it has great energetic strength. It can also be said that Three symbolises vitality. Number Three in mythology and worship is an expression of the Holy Trinity but can also have a negative value ; for this reason it is considered the number of Magic par excellence. Number Three has a strong astrological connection with Mars : in astrology it represents the masculine part of character, full of energy and vitality and sometimes also aggression.

You have a tendency for perfection and have an exceptional dose of optimism: nothing can stop you or get you down! Your determination, coupled with your positive nature, always takes you far, allowing you to reach any objective.




Blue is the colour which most transmits tranquillity, calm and imperturbability. If the colour which represents you is blue, you are able to transmit a sense of peace even to those in your midst. Everyone appreciates you for your honesty, transparency, communication skills and creativity.



Purple is a colour with very ancient origins: it was used to colour the garments of people of higher social classes. For this reason, the colour purple is linked to materialism, power and sovereignty. Purple is part of the sphere of red so it symbolises courage, determination and passion. If the colour which represents you is purple, you have high ideals and give your all to reach success.



Yellow is the brightest colour of all: it gives joy and lightness but can also transmit agitation or tension. Yellow is the colour of the Sun so if yellow represents you, you are a sunny and optimistic person, with a very open and helpful character. You are enthusiastic of life and always try not to settle into comfortable or static situations as you like change and new activities. You have great ambition, and if you really want something, nobody can stop you! Yellow has a strong astrological link with the Sun.

Seducing the Sagittarius

Sagittarian women are cheerful, optimistic, active, and whimsy. They have a peculiar ability in organizing and they are not easily affected by other people judgement, they love freedom. They like men who make them laugh and feel happy, but who don't annoy them with manly attitudes.
Tip: don't make jealousy scenes!

Sagittarian men are committed, sporty and loyal. They are to be won with brilliant and cheerful conversations. They love eating well, staying in good company and smart (but not too sober) wear.
Tip: invite him to a riding excursion!

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