What does a Virgo think when he/she wins at the Stock Exchange? Wow, I did it this time!

What does a Virgo think when he/she loses at the Stock Exchange? It is high time I learned not to put myself in situations this big.

What makes a Virgo a winner? his/her caution

What can ruin a Virgo? the fear of losing.

What would a Virgo do after winning one million dollars? He/she would stare at it for a long time and maybe afterwards would buy some real estate to rent it out.

For a Virgo, money means taking protective measures.

What should we learn from a Virgo? A rational mind to formulate a plan in details

If someone points out that it is better to go on a holiday than looking at a computer screen all day, you say you'd rather drive a luxury car than an old Fiat. Sure, it's nice to make money but making money is only the first step. To savor the pleasure of being comfortably off, you have to know how to spend, or better - to have the courage to spend what you have saved. Your bank account is not enough, nor is the apartment in the centre of the town or the expensive furniture. Money is important, but don't be surprised if your wife leaves you for someone as ordinary as a factory worker. This happens and you'll be indignant to realize that the working class can find heaven on Earth.

You are one of those types that having bought some shares which went badly, cannot sleep at night... Well, you know what? If you need a shoulder to cry on, don't come running to us. How many times we have warned you that you cannot expect to make money without being at least a little anxious? Profit will always come from the amount of pressure that you are able to stand. No pressure, no profit.

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