What does a Capricorn think when he/she wins at the stock exchange? OK, I did it! Now, let's think about something safer.

What does a Capricorn think when he/she loses at the stock exchange? He/she does not think. The Capricorn does never lose; at worst he does not earn either.

What makes a Capricorn a winner? the clear mind.

What can ruin a Capricorn? excessive caution

What would a Capricorn do after winning one million dollars? He/she would invest in government bonds.

For a Capricorn money means saving.

What should we learn from a Capricorn The severity in the way they judge the results of their own investment strategy

"How can you always be so prudent? Today the Stock market is so inviting that it is hard to stay away from it". This is a good question to a fellow Capricorn if you want to put him on the spot. He will look at you so grimly as if you have insulted him badly. He will not answer but right after it, he will try to defend himself: "No matter what I do or say, you are always accusing me of the same things: excess of prudence, fear of change, conservatism driven to extremes. Haven't you ever asked yourselves how many times my so-called faults have saved me from financial ruin?"

Capricorns are not cowards, they simply do not like risk but if you look closely, they are the ones that make the best deals - they are stubborn but ready to take action at the right moment. In short, no risk for those born under the sign of Capricorn, no adventures in unknown territories, no Stock market, because their peaceful souls are ruled by Saturn. Sure, it is difficult to accept advice from those offering you risky investments, But tell me one thing - don't you feel tempted to play the fool at least for one day? Think about it. Put aside a tidy sum of money, enough to have a good time and spend it all, up to the last penny. How about that?

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