What does a Taurus think when he/she wins at the Stock Exchange? It can't just be all a fluke! The truth is that a man is worth the number of dollars he has in the bank and I cannot complain...…

What does a Taurus think when he/she loses at the Stock Exchange? Damn! To be able to concentrate on the Stock Exchange, I have risked everything: love, friendship...and now what? What is going to happen to me?

What makes a Taurus a winner? the courage to love money.

What can ruin a Taurus? too much love for money.

What would a Taurus do after winning a million dollars? He/she will try to win two million dollars.

For a Taurus money means enjoying possession.

What should we learn from a Taurus? The courage to love money and to want a comfortable and happy life.

Money, money, money The conversations of those born under the sign of Taurus inexorably revolve around money, their life is based on money, their desires and the most secret ambitions concern money.

So it is natural that money dictates Taurus' moods and sensations and drives them every time when a choice is needed. By working hard on this unique idea of material enrichment, money comes but how much energy is taken up?

The main problem of many people born under this sign is not making money but giving yourself time to spend it. Money is determined by the happiness it brings us and those who work or invest 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, end up depriving themselves of freedom and easy going nature which are necessary to be happy. So the irritability and the coldness of these people could be the symptoms of an emotional earthquake that is about to happen. Combining work and love is not easy for anyone, but the Taureans, by favoring the importance of money, are running the risk of losing the meaning of life that is not only made up of promotions and salary rises, but of love that could turn into hatred, of hard work that requires rest, marriage, children and fun.

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