General characteristics

Earth sign ruled by Venus. Taurus represents art, beauty in all its forms, and strength (not only phisycal). Taureans are realistic, security loving (both on the material and psychological level) and they like routines, also in their love relationship. In order to obtain this kind of security, they use all their qualities: resistance, quietness, patience and practical intelligence. They seldom lose control, but when they get angry they can be violent. This is the reason why it is necessary for him to find the right partner. Taureans live love in a complete manner, they are constant and never vain. Among their most suitable careers: interior decorator, teacher, cook and any job concerning earth and nature. This is the sign of the Zodiac which most of all likes relaxing, but only after having reached a prefixed goal, of course.

Lucky number 6

Number Six is the symbol of equilibrium and perfect order. If positive, it stimulates union with the divine but when it takes on a negative sense, it generates confusion and even anxiety. The double value, negative and positive of the number Six is graphically represented by a six pointed star, made up of two triangles : the triangle pointing downwards indicates materialism and concreteness. the one pointing upwards on the other hand indicates spirituality. With a positive value, it is linked to small amounts of money. With a negative value, it is linked to jealously, vendetta and infidelity. Number Six has a strong astrological link to Venus, able to stimulate kindness and the desire to communicate.

You are a kind person and there is nobody better than you to be able to communicate in such an involving manner. Sometimes you also like being away from the rest of the world to reflect calmly.




The colour pink is the symbol of kindness, delicacy and gentleness. It is often connected to romantic love, love which makes us dream. Pink has great powers: it can relax the sight and thus the mind. In any case, if the colour which represents you is pink, sometimes you are a little childish but nevertheless you are blessed with great sensitivity. You can't stand feeling ill at ease and do everything you can to avoid embarrassing situations or those which cause you concern. The colour pink has a strong astrological link with Venus.

Bright Green

Bright Green

If the colour which represents you is bright green, you have the typical qualities of someone who is however represented by traditional green such as innate perseverance in matters which interest you and equilibrium: nothing can undermine you! You are also an extrovert and helpful person. In a word: brilliant and bright, like your colour!

Seducing the Taurus

If you are determined and patient you're the right man. Taurean women are jealous, extraordinary and fascinating, they love being flattered and courted. They like perfumes, so give her the best you can find and don't forget to use one when you're with her, because she will smell your skin.
Tip: at your first date don't ask her to play tennis or to go for a walk: she's rather lazy!!!

With Taurean men you mustn't be in a hurry or over-hasty. In fact, Taureans need a long time to understand if they have finally found the right woman. The secret to win their love is being first a good friend. If you invite him for dinner, remember that he likes eating and prepare abundant helpings.
Tip: at your first date use romantic music and lights.

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