General characteristics

Air sign ruled by Saturn and Uranus. Aquarians are sincere, altruistic, free and active. Usually, they are quiet, but sometimes they can be extremely nervous or strained. They ask a lot from other people, and when they are disappointed, they suffer and bear grudge against them. Aquarians are vain, they love compliments and never leave anything to chance. They are intuitive, fanciful and critical. They can be good and pleasing friends as well as passionate lovers. They have lots of interests and creative ideas. Suited jobs: poet, astronomer, actor, pilot and smith.

Lucky number 3

Number Three symbolises conciliation unlike number Two which separates it. It is one of the main symbols of esotericism and is the first odd number as it has great energetic strength. It can also be said that Three symbolises vitality. Number Three in mythology and worship is an expression of the Holy Trinity but can also have a negative value ; for this reason it is considered the number of Magic par excellence. Number Three has a strong astrological connection with Mars : in astrology it represents the masculine part of character, full of energy and vitality and sometimes also aggression.

You have a tendency for perfection and have an exceptional dose of optimism: nothing can stop you or get you down! Your determination, coupled with your positive nature, always takes you far, allowing you to reach any objective.




Green is the symbol of perseverance and can emanate harmony and a great sense of balance. If the colour green represents you, you are a balanced and solid person but you find it hard to accept more incisive changes as you tend to prefer regularity and custom. You are not influenced or conditioned too much by external events and you have great practical sense. As regards the benefits of the colour green, it is said that it has a great calming effect. Green is linked to Venus and people believe it protects those in love.



Black is actually a non-colour. Black symbolises emptiness, darkness and in general negativity. If the colour black represents you, you sometimes tend to deny the evidence or renounce tasks which you feel are difficult, throwing in the towel. There is a strong sense of rebellion inside you which, only when you so desire, encourages you to fight with all your strength to affirm your interests. You often follow your instinct but when this doesn't happen, you risk using too much of your reflective side. Black has a strong astrological link with Saturn.

Light Blue

Light Blue

Light blue is a colour which is strongly linked to meditation and reflection. If the colour which represents you is light blue, sometimes you are over sensitive. You think and re-think about what you have to do and you often find it hard to take a definitive decision.

Seducing the Aquarius

Aquarian women are nice, plain, curious and modern. They love culture and travelling. They are always ready to help other people and to keep up with novelties. Their ideal man is brilliant, tolerant and educated. Aquarian women are wonderful, but you shouldn't restrain them within the house's four walls. They are essentially free women.
Tip: Give her flowers… she loves it!

Aquarian men are brilliant, free and active. They are easy to seduce, but it is difficult to maintain their love for a long time. You don't have to part him from his friends and it is important to leave him free. He loves living in luxury, he likes what's new and he can make his partner's life brighter.
Tip: When you are with him, wear fashionable dresses!

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