Calculate your Ascendant

The Sign rising over the horizon at the time of your birth is your Ascendant, or Rising sign.

Every sign of the Zodiac is subject to the influence of the Ascendant and some of its characteristics are modified. Discover your ascendant with Calculate your Rising Sign here!

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In Astrology the Rising Sign or Ascendant is decisive for obtaining made to measure forecasts. Why should we calculate our rising sign? The Ascendant is a sign which is present on the eastern horizon at the time of one's birth. Your rising sign is your fingerprint: unique and original that only you can have. Its influence on your external way of being, on your behaviour and on your relationships is determining. Click on Calculate your Rising Sign to discover yours.

You must know that your sign of the zodiac (also called the sun sign of your birth) represents the most profound I, your real essence. The Ascendant on the other hand is the most external part of the personality, that which interacts with the external world. Calculate your Rising Sign tells you your rising sign allowing you to know a part of you in a more specific way. Calculate your Ascendant on line gives you the ticket to an adventurous and emotional journey to the discovery of your characteristics. Such a journey offers you the possibility to be able to develop and change that part of you which prevents you from living in a more harmonious and happy manner. It's never too late to learn and improve one's own personality. Knowing the unmotivated actions which make us act in a certain way at work or with the family can lead us to self-awareness and the possibility of improvement.

Knowing oneself profoundly is priceless, Click on Calculate your Ascendant on line and enjoy the adventure!

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