General characteristics

Water sign ruled by the Moon. It is the Moon which determines Cancerian's lunatic behaviour: a continuous alternation of melancholy and joy. Cancerians are sweet, conservative, capricious, enigmatic and fanciful. They love living in luxury, travelling, and taking care of their house (decorating it with old and curious objects) they love past and tradition. They fear the uncertainty of what's new and of future things, and hate violence in all its forms. They are extremely shy, possessive and romantic, and tend to bind themselves to the persons they love. Cancerians' most suited jobs are: interior designer, antiquary, lawyer, cook and butler.

Lucky number 2

Number Two symbolises separation as it is created by dividing a single unity. It represents opposites such as heaven/earth, day/night and masculine/feminine. It can indicate two contrasting elements but it does not exclude the equilibrium between them, like in the Tao symbol of the Ying Yang. History has always attributed number Two to Mother Earth and for this reason it is believed that it incarnates feminine energy. Two has a strong astrological link with the Moon, associated in astrology to emotions. The main quality of Two is to give a rather instinctive quality to one's personality.

You have an excellent dose of diplomacy and sensitivity. Sometimes you are a perfectionist but this is a quality which is appreciated in most cases. You like solving every question in the best way possible, acting calmly towards others so not as to create bad moods.




Gray is the colour of fog. It is an undefined colour so Gray symbolises uncertainty but also sensitivity. If Gray is the colour which represents you, you tend to have a rather solitary nature and often try to avoid confusion. You may be afraid of new situations but this never discourages you. Gray. like white, has a strong astrological link with the Moon.



Silver is linked (astrologically speaking) to the Moon and thus represents the essence of femininity. Silver evokes a great sense of peace and protection. It is very luminous and if silver represents you, you are a reflective and introspective person: you like pondering over and considering all the variants of a problem.



The colour white symbolises virtue, candour, innocence and chastity. In some cultures it has a negative sense but in most cases it has a positive value: it expresses light and joy to those who look at it. In the West, white is the colour of brides' dresses and indicates purity. White in astrology is linked to the Moon. If the colour which represents you is white, you tend to express pure and sincere feelings and expect the same from those in your midst.

Seducing the Cancer

Cancerian women are among the most refined, sensual and dreaming. They prefer being engaged in social care rather than in society life. They hate vulgarities and love children. They are extremely fickle and difficult to seduce. They adore being covered with presents, flower and attention.
Tip: Fondle her and she will purr!!!

Cancerian men are sensible, romantic and protective, but they are misery and capricious as well. To win his love you should assume a sweet and childish behaviour. He loves concerts and tête-à-tête dinners.
Tip: Never contradict him, he's very touchy!!!

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