What does a Gemini think when he/she wins at the Stock Exchange? Finally everyone will notice me. Now that my studies have produced money, they will stop considering me as teacher's pet.…

What does a Gemini think when he/she loses at the Stock Exchange? I am not there yet... I have to try harder, day and night, tie myself to the chair and think of a more accurate plan.

What makes a Gemini a winner: the concentration.

What can ruin a Gemini? the doubt.

What would a Gemini do after winning one million dollars? He/she would finance a centre for stock exchange studies and finance.

What does money mean for a Gemini knowledge..

What should we learn from a Gemini The way to invest rationally, impassively and be based on concrete objectives.

Gemini is the Masters of the Art of Doubt, and the only ones, of the twelve signs of the Zodiac who can distinguish naturally the truth from lies and a business deal from deception. But the problem is that for most of them to make distinctions does not mean choosing but to being consumed by an eternal and inner disagreement. Quick to think that "it is good to trust, but not trusting is even better", they begin to contradict themselves - "If you trust someone you are risking fraud and if you do not trust you miss golden opportunities." So? To have or not to have doubts, to try or to give up, to believe or not to believe...what can one do?

Abandoned in the seclusion of their thoughts, they end up not doing anything and that makes them miss golden opportunities. After having meditated long and hard over a plan, they become lazy before they put it into practice. And when they consider investing on the Stock market, they see their shares going up quickly, but the thing is...they have not bought them!

How many missed occasions, how many banknotes passed them by?! Even when everything goes smoothly, there will always be a Gemini ready to rack his brains. Ingenious, objective and critical...what are they waiting for in order to act? There were days when they could have enjoyed fortune, but look what happened instead. By dint of questioning themselves, they let someone else act thus taking away all their profits. What is gnawing you at you Gemini? Maybe the thought of becoming rich terrifies you? Have you ever met a multi-millionaire? He has two arms, two legs and a body. God has created the man as the image of himself and the poor man resembles the rich man. What divides them? What is it that you lack in order to stop living in adversity? It is simple - the courage to be rich the courage to deal with fear and overcome it.

A bull market and a bear market don't work together. There is no way to win without risking. Therefore, if your heart is in turmoil while you decide on a kind of investment, listen to us - forget it! Take a long hard look at yourself - your dreams, ambitions, projects...you should believe in yourself but you should also know always which kind of stress you can tolerate. An old rule about money reminds us that before we chose a type of investment we have to decide if we want to eat well or sleep well. The two things are not compatible, at least not at the moment. Every time you decide to play with your money you should ask yourself what is your threshold and how much stress are you able to take. Your natural tendency to rationalize means you can reason well about the winning methods of successful investment. Gemini tries to picture in his mind his successes, failures, intuitions, second thoughts and what has and what has not worked out. Gemini knows that accepting and meditating on lessons from the past are the foundations for future success.

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