What does an Aquarius think when he/she wins at the stock exchange? Just as I thought - that ghost of a bond had to come back to life again. I am so farsighted, not like that poor ones who follow every new trend.

What does an Aquarius think when he/she loses at the stock exchange? I have gone out too early, I feel it. That share will reach the stars and I will stay down here to look at it like an idiot.

What makes an Aquarius a winner? his/her perspective mind.

What can ruin an Aquarius? the persistence to bet on certain sectors.

What would an Aquarius do after winning one million dollars? He/she would buy the ultimate hi-tech and a pile of electronic gadgets.

For an Aquarius money means changing

What should we learn from an Aquarius The originality in choosing the themes that will set the future of the markets on fire.

The truth is that everyone can excel in the variegated fields of human experience, even in those which after a superficial reading of their birth chart where they appear hopeless! E.g. Pisces could become an excellent manager. Since each sign contains a part of the twelve absolute virtues of an imaginary and perfect zodiac man, each one of us should draw from others those ways of thinking to become an unity and act without making mistakes. Personality improves by emulating others.

Wealth does not lodge only in the corridors leading to your bank vaults but in those small and hidden corners of your soul where you have hidden love and sympathy. So, spend! You should buy classy lingerie for your wife, a digital camera for your son and an anti-stress device for yourself. Book a trip to a sunny Caribbean island and once you are there, when it is dark, go outside and count the stars. You will feel so much better.

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