Looking at the position of his birth Sun in Capricorn and other aspects, we can deduce that Nicolas is a particularly edgy and sensitive person.

His adolescence must have been unstable because of some family problems so he probably lacked basic affection, and that has made him a little tough and cold in his personal relationships.

Before he reached his professional goals, he must have had many problems and it has not been easy for him to reach the goals he has had since adolescence. In the love sector, looking at his birth Venus in Aquarius, we can say that Nicolas has had two very important relationships; he is not a man who loves affairs and flings and in almost every relationship, he has always taken on his responsibilities and has always been ready to give advice or help, even when the relationship was ending, thus keeping up a relationship of friendship, closeness and continuous dialog with his ex partners. Currently, he appears to have an excellent relationship with someone and the woman by his side seems to be his life partner.

This relationship will go through a very happy phase in the spring of next year, thanks to an unexpected event that will bring well being and positivity to the couple. It could be the birth of a child that will make him happy and calm down his constant need to meet new people. In the work sector, with Jupiter in Aries, he appears to be a person who wants to do many things at the same time; he does not tire easily and is capable of great sacrifices in order to act the part of the character he has been given. Nicolas has already won many acknowledgements, but within two years he will have a very big international acknowledgement which could be an Oscar.

From a financial point of view, Nicolas does not appear to be a materialist but he is capable of taking full advantage of all the opportunities going his way, to the point of taking advantage even of less alluring situations. Within fifteen months, he will make one of the most important investments of his life; it could be the house for his family. In the friendship sector, he appears to be a very warm and friendly person; he gets on well with everyone and always knows what to say to any new person he meets. He seems to be surrounded by good people who love him. His health appears to be excellent although he has slight problems with his stomach and knees.

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