Lucy Alexis Liu (Chinese name: Liú Yùlíng) is an American actress of Chinese origin. She was born with the Sun in Sagittarius and the Moon in Taurus. This Astrological combination leads to worldwide success, as seen by her fame as an actress. The position of the Planets at the time of her birth shows a balanced character as well as a profound inner peace which guides her in all the main choices of her professional and private life. In Love, Lucy is patient and can wait serenely until she wins over the person who captures her interest.

he Astrological characteristics of her personality also show great human qualities, making her someone who can have close friendships and build relationships based mainly on trust and mutual respect. At the time of her birth, her Ascendant was in Pisces and Neptune in the Ninth House. Often, because of the "double" nature of this sign, some experiences seem to waver between two extremes. Sometimes, from an emotional point of view, the actress appears to be in two minds as she feels she is between two opposing poles. Despite the fact that her soul finds itself in the middle of the two extremes, Lucy's temperament is calm, cordial and able to get the best out of each and every situation. As well as this shaded part of her character, we see one of her most charming characteristics. At the time of her birth, the Moon was in the Second House; this position is significant in all that related to professional opportunities and indicates that she will obtain great success in all activities which involve contact with people. This position is generally good and her successes are testimony of this. So say the Stars...!

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