Looking at the position of her birth Sun in Aquarius and various astrological aspects we can deduce a very self-controlled person; she shows an excellent common sense and a very strong capability of following her goals to the point of making her very stable and constructive in any of her projects or initiatives.

Generally, she adopts a reflective attitude before taking on a responsibility or making a choice, and in the eyes of the others this could make her seem extremely calculating, while in reality, her fear of making a mistake often leads her to review her positions. Her parents must have been really good teachers to her, especially her father, who plays a very important part in the realisation of her professional success. The excessive self-control, on the other hand, could make her some enemies, so she has to be careful not to heighten her creed in front of the others in order to avoid criticism that could harm not only her professional but also her love and family sector.

In the love sector, looking at her birth Venus in Aries, Jennifer must have already had a big disappointment that had unmotivated her and made her extremely fragile for a long time (I think for two years). Currently, her union with Brad Pitt seems to be very harmonious and this relationship seems to be a lasting one, and soon it will be crowned with the birth of a child (I think a boy). This will be the most important relationship of her life and her love will be reciprocated. They will go through a phase of crisis in around four years time but they will overcome it brilliantly thanks to an honest confrontation between themselves.

In the professional sector, looking at her birth Jupiter in Libra, we can say that already in the first half of this year, she will work on some parts that will be very successful, but I think that in around fifteen months time she will have the opportunity to make people talk about her because of a film she will star in with a great enthusiasm and charisma; I think she will be close to winning an Oscar if not actually winning it. In the financial sector, she appears to be a very simple and practical person; she has a good flair for the investments and before making important decisions she confides in her loved ones in order to draw her conclusions and act. In the friendship sector, she is very deep and available; her relationships with her friends are strong and lasting thanks to her elevated honesty. A friendship must have ended because of a misunderstanding and I think that Jennifer has remained disappointed because she has thought she could clarify this disagreement.

Her health appears to be excellent: the weak points are the feet and the nervous system. She seems lacking proteins and vitamins. So do the stars say!

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