Hilary Swank, the award winning actress who wowed us with her unforgettable role as a boxer in "Million Dollar Baby", was born with the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Sagittarius. The combination of the Planets at the time of her birth makes her a strong and proud woman. Having always been sporty, a professional gymnast and swimmer, the actress has always given her all in her roles. For Karate Kid and even more so for her role as a boxer in Million Dollar Baby, Hilary did several hours of training every single day. She has won an Oscar more than once and her constancy and indubitable acting talents have helped. The position of the planets at the time of her birth highlights a proud, strong character, able to lead those in her midst. Hilary is generous, strong-willed and, on the whole, has clear ideas about her future and the choices she needs to make, both professionally and in her private life. She is rarely indecisive! The actress is blessed with an innate creativity and vitality, which, stimulated by her Leo influence, let her succeed in all she does. This inclination however can sometimes make her too dominating and she rarely accepts second place! On a sentimental level, the actress is influenced by Leo, making her proud and passionate... but the presence of Sagittarius, and her ardour and enthusiasm, also lead to some inconstancy in relationships. So say the Stars!

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