Looking at the position of her birth Sun in Pisces and at various astrological aspects, we can deduce an extremely sensitive personality, especially manifested in what concerns the events surrounding her; even some news or an unexpected event are enough to make her feel uneasy or insecure. Many problems were caused by her precocity in dealing with life; her parents must have put many responsibilities on her, ever since she was an adolescent, and that has not allowed her to live in harmony this phase, to the point that she often needs other people to handle her problems. In the love sector, looking at her birth Venus in Aries, we can say that she is often attracted by the charm of the new acquaintances, and her excessive impulsiveness can lead her to make important life decisions that later turn out to be failures.

The most important relationships seem to have been three; looking at her marriage relationship, it seems that her partner, at that time, has often put her into unpleasant situations. Maybe he was someone with many personal problems, and within months, he must have blamed her for the instability of this union. Currently, she seems to have an excellent relationship with someone very original and sensitive to her problems, to the point of making her recover emotionally. In fact he is helping her find a long searched dimension and harmonize the choices she has made. In time, this relationship is also risking to conclude itself, but this event seems to be very far away, so all will depend on how she will handle this critical period, that will happen in around six years time.

In this phase of her life, she does not seem to want children but within two years time she should have one. In the professional sector, looking at her birth Jupiter in Pisces, she seems to have some particularly elevated humanitarian ideals; she is also able to sense things - a kind of intuition that, on the other hand, she does not follow instinctively; she thinks a little too much and does not listen to her first impression. After the initial success she had when she was an adolescent, she must have had some very bad years caused by her lack of experience, and most of all, by the excessive fame she did not know how to handle, to the point of putting her under heavy financial and emotional strain.

At the moment, she seems to be reborn, she will have many successes during 2003, but within around two years time, she will have a big international acknowledgement that will allow her to heal completely from the mistakes she had made before. In the financial sector, she does not seem to be very smart, but the person she has by her side in this phase of her life, her actual partner, seems to have a very good flair for the investments and he is very honest with her. That will give her the opportunity to make some excellent investments and to revalue her image. In the friendship sector, she seems to be surrounded by people who love her, after a long process of "cleaning up". Her health appears to be very good. Its weak points are the respiratory tract and a tendency to allergies. So do the stars say.

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