Demi Moore, actress and producer, was born with the Sun in Scorpio and the Moon in Taurus. She is one of the most famous and highly paid actresses in Hollywood, although her childhood was not easy and her rise to fame far from simple. As a child, her stepfather's constant moving around (up to 40 times) made things particularly difficult for this stunning actress. Moreover, both he and Demi's mother suffered from alcoholism. However, despite this difficult situation, Demi's childhood dream was to become an actress and, thanks to her beauty and talent, she was able to start out at a very young age. She gained fame in hugely successful films (Ghost, Code of Honour and Striptease, to name but a few), and also thanks to 'courageous' choices such as posing nude when 8 months pregnant. The combination of planets at the time of her birth shows great ability to effectively manage public relations and business. She has always known how to effectively administer and manage her public image in the best possible way. Her Astrological temperament helps her set new and ambitious targets and her tenacity means she doesn't give in until she reaches her goal. The Moon in Taurus signifies a 'practical' side to her character and a leaning towards a need for security: both on a financial ( and public) level and in her private life. At the time of her birth, her Ascendant was in Aquarius, thus explaining her ability to manage personal relations in a very natural and spontaneous way. In fact, Demi always knows how to strike up good relations with those around her. So say the Stars...!

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