Beyoncé, who achieved worldwide fame as the leader of Destiny's Child (the girl band which sold the most records ever), was born with the Sun in Virgo and the Moon in Scorpio. This combination makes her dedicated at work, self confident, proud, shrewd and intelligent. Beyoncé's success and beauty are due to all these qualities. She is an all rounder: a singer, stylist, film producer, actress, model and dancer'. A typical Virgo, she is both practical and punctilious. Her Scorpion biological impulses and the position of the Moon in Scorpio give Beyoncé her strong personality...she's not always ready to accept the ideas of others! The Virgo and Scorpio influences cause her love of work: she always gets the best out of everything which needs dedication. Beyoncé's perfectionism is evident in each and every show she does or production she makes: she is only happy when things are perfect! Emotionally, Scorpio indicates a particularly passionate nature, and she is both intriguing and mysterious. The combination of the planets at the time of her birth also shows a shrewd, extrovert, strong willed character, able to win every battle. So say the Stars!

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