Sylvester Stallone, the unforgettable Rocky, was born with the Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Libra. His personality, developed under the influence of Cancer, makes the actor particularly sensitive and a good listener and helpful towards those close to him. The actor, renowned for his role in Rocky and Rambo, is a very friendly man, sociable and able to make new friendships with ease.

The combination of the Planets at the time of his birth highlights his spontaneous and optimistic nature, making him to become one of the most loved and famous actors in the world. The award winning Rocky, which made him an icon of the cinema, was written by him personally over the course of a few days. With his passionate rendition of the boxer from Philadelphia, Stallone achieved one of the most timeless positions in Hollywood. His Ascendant in Libra and having Venus in the Eleventh House, indicate that in his private and professional life, he always considers the opinions of others who collaborate with him.

Even the position of the Moon underlines his humanitarian nature, his extreme sensitivity and his ability to understand how others are feeling. His continual success in his professional life is the fruit of his acting ability and his charisma as well as his innate capacity to always find something in common between seemingly different people. So say the Stars!

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