Paris Hilton, one of the most famous heiresses in the world, was born under the sign of Aquarius and her Moon in Leo. This astrological combination indicates great creativity and a great yearning to express herself. In fact, Paris the rebel has already made her debut as a model, singer and actress and her creative vein certainly has some new surprises in store. Moreover the position of the planets in her astral frame shows and highlights the desire to always be the centre of attention. From this viewpoint, the blonde Paris has heaps of opportunities to talk about herself and not always in the best possible way...We recall the famous blue film, her arrest for driving without a licence and, last but not least, the “punishment” by her very rich grandfather who decided to practically reduce her entire inheritance. The position of the Moon in Leo moreover shows Paris’ great ability ( and pleasure) in public life and in the spotlight. In her birth chart, the ascendant in Sagittarius and the position of Jupiter in the Ninth House show the duality which are present in her professional life, mainly characterised by the alternation between her deserved successes and the famous “ falls from grace” which fill the pages of our newspapers. Her astral frame confirms a certain inclination to "excess" but Paris is both rational and practical and this always helps her get out of trouble and shake it off in great form. The ascendant in Sagittarius means she lets herself go in love affairs with no reserve or doubts. Surprises are on the cards in this field!

So say the Stars!

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