Super-sexy Eva, the youngest of four sisters, was born in Texas. She achieved her fame from 2004, thanks to the highly famous televised series "Desperate Housewives", but before that, she had already won numerous prizes and recognition both as a model and actress. Her birth Sun in Pisces, combined with the Moon in Aries, indicate a particularly lively character with a great capacity for self affirmation. Thanks to the combination of the planets in her birth chart. Eva seems therefore as a tireless person, full of energy, always on the go. But there is also duplicity in the actresses’ character, that on one side is gifted with a great strength of will, on the other, she is often conditioned by external influences. Eva however is very good at getting involved in humanitarian and social causes. In fact, she personally works to support the rights of Latin people.

Eva’s personality is very generous but also rather complex, in fact it is not always easy to work alongside her! Her deepest nature mirrors a significant variety of aspects which often complicate the management of her love life. Basically however, the actress is gifted with a touch of altruism, which allows her to manage her inter personal relationships almost always in a positive way. Mercury, the actress’ guiding planet, appears in the Tenth House, i.e. that related to professional life. The position of this planet contributes to making Eva very extrovert towards the public, guarantees her success, fame and the ability to follow many projects at the same time...without ever ruining her amazing energy.

So say the Stars!

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