I am looking for a someone that would understand me , be able to Love me and respect me, someone that's drama free . likes the little things in Life . knows how to Laugh , how to have a good time , someone who is romantic, sweet , has a good heart.. someone that i would kiss in the middle of the night and would say to me i love you , someone that i would share my pains with and heart. He holds me when I start to cry.. makes me smile with just his eyes. shares my hopes, dreams, and fears. wipes away all my tears. I love her without regret i just haven't found her yet. someone that would mean this much To me waking up and he’s on my mind. you’re in love. You see her and can’t help but smile. Think of him for miles and miles. Weak in the knees when he comes through. You know his eyes see right through you. You don’t care what people say You want to be with her all day. Seeing her you can’t get enough. And you can see that you’re in love