Horoscopofree's Meetings under the stars allows Users with common interests to get to know one another.

Its purpose is to favor encounters between people who are looking for friendship, discussion, to chat and to exchange ideas.

The structure and function of Meetings Under the Stars do not necessarily exclude the possibility of moderators intervening in communication and carrying out checks on contents: moderators do not and cannot impress a seal of quality on communications.

Horoscopofree and Lucini&Lucini Communications Ltd., rely on participants to manage their own behavior. Thus, it is only in extreme cases that Horoscopofree and Lucini&Lucini Communications Ltd.'s moderators or staff will need to intervene to temporarily disconnect Users and definitively disconnect Users who offend the spirit of Meetings Under the Stars and, in extremely serious cases, will need to communicate their IP number (which identifies the computer used) to the relevant authorities.

Moderators are responsible for the constant functioning of Meetings Under the Stars and intervene only for justified reasons.Thus, in general terms, the smooth running of Meetings Under the Stars depends on the Users' responsibility.

In specific and concrete terms, please note the following:

Should a message be deemed to be unlawful or unacceptable (for the reasons mentioned above), please contact us immediately via e-mail atinfo@lucinilucini.com

In general, personal information cannot be given in Meetings Under the Stars (telephone number, e-mail address etc.). Should this occur, Lucini&Lucini Communications Ltd. cannot be held liable in any way for eventual consequences.

The User must not use this service to advertise commercial communications or disseminate any type of material which could be incorrect and/ or defamatory, insulting, inexact, vulgar, hateful, troublesome, obscene, offensive to certain religious groups, of a sexual or threatening nature, offensive, disrespectful of privacy or unlawful.

The User is responsible for his or her own messages and agrees to indemnify and relieve Horoscopofree and Lucini&Lucini Communications Ltd. from any responsibility of Meetings Under the Stars as well as its representatives and moderators from any complaint deriving from the use of the service.